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Just a random photo of the 2

Fanon, best friends


They first met in FGL 1, Veteran seemed to be more annoyed by Player's presence but still look out for him as seen in FGL 2 being wary of Noob.

When Veteran joined AUL in ep3 Veteran and Player spent most of there time together and close enough for Veteran trying to protect Player, despite being a ghost. In AUL 4 Veteran had more of his attention focusing on Greaser which annoyed his imposter-partner, Player, causing him to kill Greaser to get Veteran's attention, later down the episode Veteran blames all his kills on Player when caught, causing Player to be voted out. In aul 5 Veteran was shown to be betrayed by Player after Captain revealed Player wanting to spend more time with him instead, causing Veteran to run away crying, while also throwing away a friendship bracelet, meaning they were close enough to have one. In AUL 6 and 7 they aren't shown to talk, but in AUL 8 Veteran and Captain are arguing about who's Player's "BFF", later down the episode, Veteran tries to warn Captain about Player, revealing that him and Player would stick together during most games if he was crewmate, after the first emergancy meeting Player tries to shoot Veteran, but Mr Egg already killed him. In AUL 9, the 2 argue about one another being the imposter, both being wrong, in AUL 10 they're both imposters, Veteran frequently tries to give advice about bots which Player ignores, in AUL 11 he says Veteran's singing is bad, in AUL 12 The 2 watch the others swipe their cards while not talking much otherwise, in AUL 16 Veteran still seems to be cautious of Noob, not trusting her and telling and telling it to Player, in the end It reveals he is shown to be the imposter and in AUL 17 he tells Player about the tale of No-Visor after bumping into each other, in the Return of No-Visor They wake up on the same bed right after Player dreams of the incidence, Veteran believes nothing happen saying he forgot, after being surprised by Ria, Veteran jumps into Player's arm mistaking her as something else, in Airship Arrival Veteran ends up exposing Player as the Imposter, in Fat imposter Veteran drives Player to Cheese Louise and then kills him first when the game began, in Among us but the imposter works out Veteran ghosts Player due to him leaving among us for fnf.

In minecraft logic, Veterham who seems to repersent Veteran quickly becomes Player's friend

In SGL, Veteran and Player seems to be allies for the whole series until they're on seperate teams at the end and Veteran tries to kill Player, who ends up failing because Noob


Plateran is shown to be the most popular ship for both charecters, some see it as platonic or romantic, either way, it's one of the most popular ships in the fandom